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What Is Virtualization?


What is a NAS?

Network-Attached Storage can be Convenient for Home and Business What is a NAS?  NAS stands for Networked-Attached Storage.  This is a networked device used for storing and serving files on a computer network.  NAS devices can be connected to a network, providing storage space for files, folders and other data.  They allow for easy file


8 Tips For Remembering Passwords

Remembering Passwords is a Pain Managing passwords has become such a pain it’s almost like having a second full-time job.  Once you are finally comfortable with your work computer password, you’re forced to change it.  You submit password change requests so you can log onto and immediately forget the new password.  Worse, the password


What Is Software Defined Storage?

What is software-defined storage (SDS)?  Software-defined storage is a computer application that allows for the easy management of data storage in virtualized environments.  Unlike more traditional data storage options, software-defined storage is independent of physical hardware.  Therefore, it provides many advantages over traditional storage solutions. Traditional storage, such as network attached storage (NAS) or storage


What is a Hypervisor?

What is a hypervisor?  The hypervisor is the foundation upon which virtualization runs.  It’s a computer system that allows virtual machines to run on physical machines.  It allows for the creation, management and use of guest machines inside the host operating system.  The guest machines share the resources of the host hardware for compute, power,


Can You Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free?

When Windows 10 was first released back in July of 2015, it was available at no charge for one year.  As long as you had a valid Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license, you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  The promotion ran from the OS’s release until July 29, 2016.  So I guess,

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