Cloud-Based Services: Unlock Its Full Potential
Cloud-Based Services: Unlock Its Full Potential

How Your Office Can Get The Most Out of Cloud-Based Services

Companies have been recognizing the importance of cloud-based services more and more in recent years, with important applications including email services, cloud-based file sharing and backups, and more. However, simply implementing cloud-based services is just the first step. There are some more advanced techniques that businesses, small and large, should be aware of to assist them in unlocking the full potential of the cloud—allowing them to maximize the resources being put into these services.

When first implementing cloud-based services, explore your options.

For businesses who have not yet adopted cloud-based services, the first step can be an intimidating one. That first step, though, is the most important, and it entails identifying the specific needs of your enterprise, researching all the options out there, and determining which services best suits your organization. Important factors to consider are the amount of data and applications you need for your cloud-based services, how they compliment in-house systems, budgetary requirements, and more. After setting your expectations, you can explore and identify the right providers for you; but the work does not stop there. The integration and migration to the cloud takes much planning and forethought. You must consider how various cloud and non-cloud applications currently interact, and how that will change after implementing the cloud. Mapping all application dependencies will assist you and your cloud provider in determining any expected performance needs. While the cloud-service provider will help you with this step, it’s important for you to recognize at the outset that these initial steps are all crucial to getting the most out of the cloud-based services.

Regularly update and keep applications secure

Among the top reasons you might be implementing cloud-based services is the added security they provide to your data, applications, and enterprise as a whole. Cloud-based services offer the ability to access software updates without the productivity losses and costs associated with patches and software version upgrades. Rather, the cloud enables constant and quick updates to be implemented automatically. By allowing such security updates to be performed automatically and remotely through the cloud, you ensure that security flaws are minimized.

Coordinate within the enterprise to maximize productivity and minimize expenditures

With cloud-based services implemented across the organization, different employees or departments might take that as opportunity to expand their resources. However, instituting a company-wide policy to minimize resource sprawl will enable the business to get the most possible out of the cloud services. Without such monitoring of file build-up and overprovisioning, total capacity and expenditures can balloon way beyond the budget. Strategies like reducing number of users authorized to control operational activities, appointing a dedicated manager of the cloud resource, and regular meetings to ensure redundancy is minimized will ensure your business is maximizing the potential of cloud-based services.

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