Video: Disaster Recovery Planning for Small Businesses
Video: Disaster Recovery Planning for Small Businesses

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

Business Continuity is a Serious Concern for Small Businesses

Today I had the honor of being the featured speaker at the BNI Summit of Success networking group meeting in Chatham, NJ.  In the audience were a number of small business owners and sole proprietors, and the message is simple.  Disaster recovery planning is important for all businesses.

There is a popular misconception that disaster recovery planning is only necessary for larger businesses with massive revenue, but that is not true.  For instance, take the photographer whose entire portfolio is on their laptop.  If that laptop were lost or stolen, would the photographer recover?  Maybe and maybe not.

One thing is for certain, a good, solid disaster recovery plan build fault tolerance into any business

This video discusses cloud IT services which store data offsite, and are, therefore, protected from a locally based disaster event.  It also talks about remote IT support and how that can allow quicker access to your IT environment in event of an emergency.  It touches on enterprise offsite backup and the differences between them and consumer-based cloud backup services.  Finally, it explains the risks associated with ignoring the potential for technical disaster and how that can be easily avoided.

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