How VanTech Stacks Up: Types of Cloud Services
How VanTech Stacks Up: Types of Cloud Services

A Guide To The Types of Cloud Services We Offer

Whether you’re looking to embrace virtualization technology, provide backup and security for your enterprise, or simply minimize the footprint and maintenance costs of your onsite servers, cloud services can bring immense value to your business. As IT industry leaders, VanTech is equipped to provide your organization with the premier, state-of-the-art cloud services it requires. No matter your needs, VanTech is positioned to fulfill them with the various types of cloud services we offer.

Hosted Exchange Email

VanTech can help you save time and money by hosting your exchange email service. By using our cloud-based services, you eliminate the need for costly hardware, software, administration, and maintenance and free your in-house IT professionals to focus on more complicated and valuable problems. Not only that, but by taking advantage of VanTech hosted email you will ensure reliability and consistency in delivery while we enable a uniform email experience (not to mention collaboration tools, shared calendars, contacts, and backups) no matter what device you are using.

Data Backup

Losing any portion of your enterprise’s data can be disastrous – losing trust from the customers, requiring costly repairs, and more. By utilizing VanTech’s online offsite cloud-based backup services, you can rest easy knowing your business’s data is protected from loss and corruption while being safely stored in offsite and redundant copies in the cloud. Your data will be protected regardless of outages and disasters, will be safely encrypted and protected, with frequent and real-time backups.

Office 365 Applications

VanTech is here to implement Microsoft Office 365 applications through our cloud services on all your business’s devices with seamless interactivity. Office 365, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more, enable efficient productivity for your enterprise, while our cloud-based subscription delivery simplifies billing and allows us to ensure all updates and security features are delivered remotely as soon as they are available. Just like with the hosted email exchange, outsourcing the Office 365 Applications to VanTech enable the IT professionals in your enterprise to keep their focus on the issues of direct business.

File Sharing and Syncing Solutions

In addition to the cyber security that various types of cloud services offer businesses, VanTech is also able to offer advantageous productivity tools to your business. Chief among those is the ability to store data securely in the cloud so that they can be accessed across different devices and users, enabling seamless collaboration from employees in remote locations. While many might already utilize services like Dropbox or Onedrive for these purposes, such consumer-facing storage and sharing services can be unreliable and insecure, whereas our VanTech’s SecuriSync solution is safe, quick, reliable, and can be easily integrated across your enterprise’s systems.