Switching IT Providers Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle
Switching IT Providers Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

We Make Switching IT Providers Easy

In today’s business environment, IT operations need to be efficient and effective, leading many companies to outsource these services to professionals. However, ensuring these outsourced IT providers deliver the best services possible becomes an important concern. Businesses should regularly perform audits to make sure all their needs are being met and the services provided are the most cost-effective and secure as possible. If you realize your current IT provider is not meeting your business needs, switching to VanTech can solve your problem.

Such a decision can seeming daunting, and the organization could feel a degree of inertia. However, the potential benefits to switching to the optimal IT provider are too great to forego. It’s not worth feeling hostage to your current IT provider.

Luckily, switching IT providers need not be a hassle, and VanTech can show you just how we can accomplish a smooth and successful transition for your company:


In advance of switching IT providers, the planning process is the first step in ensuring the new IT provider understands all your organization’s inner workings and unique needs. While it might feel that your current IT provider is the only one who could possibly provide the needed resources because of their institutional knowledge and experience with your organization, that is not the case. Planning meetings and discussions held early and often in the IT transition process will help your processes run smoothly. VanTech knows the right questions to ask and will identify any peculiarities in your systems to be able to address them fully. The beauty of the IT outsourcing system is that, as unique as it feels, your IT environment is unlikely something that our experienced IT veterans have never seen before in their vast experience.

Control and Backup

When assisting you in your IT transition, VanTech knows how to best work with you to ensure all your data and files remain in your full control and are sufficiently backed up. You can feel secure that your data will never be at risk of being lost, and you’ll be able to continue business operations without skipping a beat as you switch IT providers.


Given our extensive experience in taking over existing IT operations, we know how to effectively work with you to ensure all important information is properly documented. That documentation includes aspects of our IT system like detailed network maps as well as business-critical information like accounts, usernames, and passwords.

Employee Feedback

While it may be your business’s employees more than anyone who dread the supposed hassle of switching IT providers, that process also provides them an opportunity they’re sure to love. While planning the transition, businesses can get feedback from their employees about what they did and didn’t like about their previous IT support experience. Once employees realize that the parts of that system that vexed them could be addressed with the new IT provider, they’ll actually be eager to contribute to the IT switch.


One of the chief fears when it comes to switching IT providers is that the process will take too long and could interrupt normal business operations. However, VanTech can assure that the timeline defined at the beginning planning stages will be clearly followed. We’ll plan for optimal use of your resources and minimize interruptions. We can even work with your current IT provider to develop a transition period (though the current company can and often does require a fee for such a transition period).

If you think switching IT providers might benefit your organization, VanTech is an expert in effectively and efficiently applying the IT solutions that will benefit you, while ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. Please reach out to VanTech today at (973) 744-1660.