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Introduction You know what really gets our goat?  It's the blissful disregard for IT security displayed by many business owners, IT managers and individuals.  While it's true that there is no such thing as an entirely secure computer or computer network, there are steps that can be taken to significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting a computer virus and losing all your data.  And guess what?  It's starts with you! Your Own Worst Enemy Here at VanTech, we tend to get a lot of clients immediately after something bad happens.  Let's get this straight from the get-go.  If you are

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Our Approach to Dealing with Bloatware

Bloatware Headaches If there is one singular thing all of us here at VanTech can't stand it's slow computers.  Slow computers lead to support calls and support calls mean that someone is not able to get their job done.  Over time, if computer users are not careful, thier computers can get filled up with various virus scanners, update programs, toolbars, malwares and viruses.  Something as simple as installing a simple PDF reader can result in a number of unwanted programs launching every time you start up your computer.  Even worse, some bloatware becomes so deeply embedded in the client operating

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WannaCry Virus Outbreak - Our Response and Recommendations

Last Friday the single most prolific and fastest-spreading computer virus of all time was unleashed upon the world, wreaking havoc on businesses large and small in over 100 countries.  The WannaCry ransomware virus began spreading through infected email attachments, first in hospitals in the UK and then to the world at large.  WannaCry, like other ransomware, encrypts the target computer’s files and then demands a ransom, via Bitcoin, to decrypt the files.  Ransom demands usually range from between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.  Given that ransomware encryption is virtually unbreakable, users have little choice; either lose their

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I had another piece prepared.  It was seventy-five percent done and I was struggling; trying to find the perfect combination of sage wisdom and wide-eyed naivety that only a third-year entrepreneur can muster. I awoke this morning determined to finish the blog and send it on its way, going as far as to tell Alex to work from home.  That would do the trick.  A little solitude and determination. I got to the office at 7:15am. It was quiet.  It was the kind of quiet that sounded like productivity.  My desk was clean and orderly, having been straightened and wiped

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