BUSINESS OWNERS: A Better Way for Complete IT Management, IT Outsourcing, and IT Consulting

Plain and simple, business owners usually don't have the time or the expertise to properly handle their vital information systems. Almost paradoxically, some business owners deprioritize IT spending and adapt an out-of-site, out-of-mind attitude. As long as it works...

But what happens when things stop working? Many endure and accept their reduced productivity, while some are not even fully aware of it. But it's there, derailing your business.

Countless hours are wasted each year due to misconfigured or malfunctioning hardware and software—even more from obsolete, old systems. Business owners need someone on their side to quell the tide.

VanTech's mission is to unencumber you from your technical headaches - through IT Outsourcing - to increase your productivity and reduce your costs. We'll carry that load for you, and you can be rest assured you'll be in good hands.

  • Specialized Knowledge – Business information systems, even at their simplest, are complicated. Business owners do not have the time or the inclination to manager their own systems. VanTech has decades of combined technical experience and the specialized knowledge to make informed, cost effective technical decisions. 
  • Needs Analysis – Are your information systems right for your business. Maybe your business has far too many servers and the cost of maintenance and electricity is becoming a problem. Maybe your business has grown and now the system that once handled everything with ease is now struggling to keep up. VanTech can analyze your business needs and deliver actionable solutions.
  • Cost Analysis – For so many businesses, there is only one consideration: the bottom line. With so many technology options available, some solutions can have a much higher or lower price tag than others. VanTech will perform a cost analysis encompassing many different hardware, software and support options to find a solution that is right for your business.
  • Complete IT Management – Keeping your hardware, software and other IT assets in order is hard enough. Couple that with maintaining and updating your servers, managing licenses, managing projects, contacting vendors...things can get out of hand. VanTech offers complete IT management services without the overhead of onsite staff.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest easy, knowing your information systems are dependable and your data is secure. VanTech is your partner. Your success is our success. Let us lead the way!
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