Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Harness The Power of The Cloud

Elevate your business with cloud-based IT services.

The versatility of cloud-based services is transforming the way people do business.

Decentralized Workforce

When businesses choose to transition their practice toward VanTech’s cloud services, managing an office becomes that much easier. As the business world evolves, more and more companies are choosing to expand their office walls. With traveling employees, at-home workers, or even multiple office locations, it can be hard to ensure every person remains on the same page. Yet, with all the enhancements of cloud-based services, businesses are able to rapidly grow while still remaining professional and efficient.

With VanTech’s solution, the server does not reside in one, in-house location. All data and documents are virtualized. This innovative means of technology allows software to simultaneously exist on multiple computers, enhancing the cohesiveness of remote collaboration. Your office’s expansive potential is virtually limitless.

Safeguard Data

Along with the flexible server access of cloud services comes the added bonus of redundant document backups. Since all data is stored in a digital cloud, a replicated backup is always readily available. Your business will continue to thrive despite any infrastructure obstacle.

  • All your important files and information can instantly be re-uploaded back to your computer straight from the cloud.
  • Every file and document is automatically saved to ensure valuable work is not lost.
  • Each layer of the cloud contained protective block to permit only authorized user access.

Lower Costs

VanTech’s cloud-based services come at a lower cost than other leading IT options. Since your infrastructure is configured through the cloud, your business will be more versatile and scalable to any future growth. With our subscription-based solution, budgeting will remain easy and consistent. Time, hassle, and money are all mitigated with our easily configured solution.

  • No longer a need for expensive physical servers
  • Customizable service features to avoid large lump sums
  • Constant 24-hour maintenance to avoid any catastrophic failures

In addition to these benefits, cloud-based services will eliminate asset lifecycle management and hardware refreshes. Your systems will always be up to date.

Businesses across every industry are making the switch to cloud-based services. Don’t let yours fall behind. Allow VanTech to integrate our pristine cloud services into your everyday business practices and watch your productivity soar. To learn more about upping the efficiency of your office, contact the IT professionals at VanTech today.


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