File Sharing & Syncing Solutions
File Sharing & Syncing Solutions

Data Stays Secure and Safe

If your business uses consumer file storage and sharing services such as Dropbox or Onedrive, you may be turning a blind eye to the defects and unreliability those file sharing solutions hold. Considering both platforms have the option to create personal accounts rather than defaulted enterprise solutions, businesses can be put in a position where employees transfer files to their personal accounts and organization data control is lost. Consumer corporate-type services tend to offer no support and offer inferior uptime service level agreements.

SecuriSync is our VanTech solution that completely replaces the need for onsite file servers. In fact, it can be used as a combination tool for file storage, syncing, backup, and collaboration. Real-time file backup allows for the backup of all PC and server files, mobile photos, and videos. With SecuriSync, files can be easily restored to any point, providing protection and quick recovery from ransomware attacks.

File sharing and collaboration is secure both internally and externally. The real-time collaboration function between colleagues on the same document offers a simple layout and intuitive user interface.

In addition, the VanTech solution can easily integrate with Windows file server, Exchange Email, Active Directory, Outlook, Office, and Office 365. Overall, these features help reduce the downtime from ransomware and other types of data loss.

Perhaps one of the key considerations of using our SecuriSync solution is the mitigation regarding ransomware. Business continuity is critical and ransomware strikes can be very disruptive to your business if managed incorrectly. By having quick and easy access to the latest uncorrupted files, VanTech’s solution allows for the quick restoration of those files. It is as simple as selecting the folder to restore, selecting the target time (available down to the minute), and pressing the restore button. Folders are instantly rolled back to the indicated target time and readily available through web or mobile devices..