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It’s everywhere and nowhere. When people say, ‘the cloud’ what they’re really talking about are the services provided over the Internet from remote servers. VanTech remote servers are located throughout the United States in secure and redundant locations. Cloud services are everywhere you are. Do you have an Internet connection? Yes? Good! Cloud services are available to you.

Short answer. Almost everything. Slightly longer answer: business and productivity applications, backup solutions, exchange and file server services, endpoint and network security, CRM solutions, helpdesks systems, phone systems, remote control…you name it.

It sure is. Virtualization technology allows us to maintain servers and desktop computers in the cloud and end users connect to them over the Internet. What does that mean? No hardware to maintain, save for a small dock which provides Ethernet, video, USB and other connections. Also, no more software to maintain and upgrade. It’s all taken care of in the cloud. You just logon and get to work, from anywhere at any time.

Admittedly, we love cloud services, but we also offer a host of other more traditional IT services. We can even dig up an old CRT monitor for you if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sure, we fix a computer or two. But we prefer that your hardware doesn’t break in the first place. VanTech offers preventative maintenance and system administration services that will keep your hardware in tip-top shape, extending its lifespan and increasing your productivity. VanTech managed IT services provide the ultimate in outsourced IT to give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

That’s an easy one. Information systems management should be left to the experts. There are any number of people that may know a thing or two about computers, but VanTech knows where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. Technology is not static. It is a constantly changing, dynamic pursuit, and VanTech thrives on pursuing it. Quite simply, we are the experts your business needs to continue to grow and prosper.

VanTech uses a combination of real-time monitoring, patch management, endpoint security and error remediation to address small hardware and software problems before they become big issues.

At VanTech, we know how important your privacy is. From time to time, VanTech will encounter confidential and protected information. In fact, we specialize in helping companies navigate HIPAA and SOX compliance. Our mission is to keep your secrets secret. As for the monitoring, there is no reason to worry. We cannot see your screen without your permission, nor can we access your data or browsing history. We simply monitor hardware performance, security and server functionality.

Most of the time, VanTech will act as remote administrators for your technical environment. In other words, we don’t go onsite unless the situation calls for it. Examples of situations that warrant a visit are complete network outages, hardware replacements, complicated testing and office parties.

Fair enough, but keep in mind that the systems VanTech puts in place to manage your information systems are cloud-based and run from remote locations. They are conceived and configured to reduce the amount of hands-on administration required for any technical environment. When at their best, they require nothing more than monitoring. A self-administering, self-healing IT system does not require people onsite, which greatly reduces the cost of technical services.

You’re not going to find a ‘Prices’ page on the VanTech website. Every project is different, and the differences are usually attributable to a client’s need and a client’s budget. VanTech offers customized solutions to all our clients and in most cases can be tailored to fit the wishes of the client. Generally larger businesses need more services. That tends to cost more. Smaller companies might only require the baseline of services and a couple onsite visits each year to keep things affordable. The best part is, you can find out exactly what you need and what it will cost with our free consultation.

Yes and no. It’s a way for VanTech to meet potential customers who might need our services. This could only be considered a ploy if our technical services were not first class. And our services are first class. At VanTech we are proud to build and maintain information systems––even prouder to form long lasting partnerships with our clients. A free consultation is the first step. There’s no obligation.

Yeah, we figured, and it’s ok. We’ll still give your information systems a thorough audit and provide you with fair results. If your service is giving you top notch support, we’ll tell you. And if they’re not, well you probably already know.

VanTech can explain your business’ technical shortcomings and present you with actionable solutions to address problem areas. We will prioritize any actions that need to be taken and give you a roadmap for completing the work. Finally, we’ll present you with a cost estimate and suggestions for continuous support and maintenance.

Requesting service from VanTech is easy for both new and existing customers. Simply email support@vantechnj.com, dial 1(973)744-1660, or visit our support portal on this website.