Firewall Installation - VPN Setup - Network Security


Data breaches, viruses and ransomware can cripple your business. Dealing with these culprits after the fact can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  That's why a firewall, properly configured and installed by VanTech, is your business’ first line of defense against the multitude of threats you face these days.  Prevent security threats from entering your network.

With VanTech’s firewall services you'll get:

Firewall Installation - VPN Setup - Network Security

    • Procurement, configuration and installation of firewall hardware.
    • Network intrusion protection.
    • Web and email content filtering.
    • Webpage blocking and redirection.
    • Threat analysis and reporting.
    • VPN connection creation and maintenance.
    • Ongoing support and training.
    • Policy creation and management.
    • Upgrading and updating services.

Webroot Sales - Secure Anywhere - Endpoint Protection


Even under the tightest security, computer viruses and malware often make their way onto end-user desktop computers and devices. It's an inherent risk of being on the Internet, in particular when using remote devices to logon to your corporate network. That's why endpoint protection is vital to protecting your business from malicious threats at every point of entry to your network and why VanTech is a proud Webroot partner, offering Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection, managed by VanTech, is the leading endpoint security product on the market. Where other endpoint protection products are resource intensive and bulky, SecureAnywhere will never interrupt your work. It’s cloud-based technology allows for lightning-fast scans and unsurpassed threat detection without the need for periodic updating.

Here's how VanTech's management of SecureAnywhere can give you an edge in protecting your business:

Webroot Sales - Secure Anywhere - Endpoint Protection

    • Real-time, always-on virus and malware monitoring.
    • Protects against Ransomware.
    • Protects against identity theft.
    • Guards against harmful wbsites with its web protection features.
    • Performs extremely fast scans - faster than you can refill your coffee, says Webroot.
    • Remediates viruses quickly and easily.
    • Managed centrally from the cloud by VanTech.
    • Threat protection available for PC's, Mac's and servers.

Cloud Backup - Full Disk Encryption - Avoid Ransomware


Your data is your biggest asset and it needs to be protected because cybertheft, viruses and malware are everywhere. VanTech’s local and cloud-based data protection services safeguard your company’s data against loss, theft, corruption, viruses and malware.

Cloud Backup - Full Disk Encryption - Avoid Ransomware

    • Securely backup data in the cloud with VanTech Transcribe.
    • Maintain local backups for added redundancy and easy restoration and administration.
    • Encrypt your mobile and desktop devices to prevent against theft.
    • Protect intellectual property, financial data and demographic information.
    • Secure your entire network with advanced network security and endpoint protection.
    • Avoid Crypto-Locker and other ransomware with email security and spamblocker.

Disaster Recovery Planning - Business Continuity - Data Protection


To paraphrase Ben Franklin - When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Natural disasters and catastrophic events are rare, but hardware failure and human error, in conjunction with catastrophic events, pose real threats to your business continuity and productivity.

Don't risk losing money, or for that matter, your business. Guarantee the continued functionality of your business with a VanTech Disaster Recovery plan.

Here are some benefits of implementing our Disaster Recovery Plan:

Disaster Recovery Planning - Business Continuity - Data Protection

    • Reduce duration of potential downtime through actionable contingency planning.
    • Local server failover and recovery.
    • Redundant local and cloud-base backup protects against data loss.
    • Fully managed, custom disaster recovery project planning.
    • RAID-5 and RAID 10 local storage configurations available.

HIPAA Compliant IT - HIPAA IT Risk Assessment - HIPAA Consulting


The employees at doctor’s offices don’t have time to think about HIPAA.  In fact, to most medical professionals, compliance is a far-off thought best left for another day.  While it is true that audits are relatively rare at the moment, it doesn’t mean that they always will be.  But that’s not the point.

HIPAA compliance is not about passing an audit, it's about ensuring the safety and well-being of your medical practice.  What happens if there is a breach? The release of protected patient information could be potentially fatal, and at best will cost your business patients, time and money.

VanTech is proud to offer these HIPAA compliant products and services to medical and dental offices around New Jersey.

HIPAA Compliant IT - HIPAA IT Risk Assessment - HIPAA Consulting

    • HIPAA risk assessment and internal audit.
    • Contingency and disaster recovery planning.
    • Full plan documentation.
    • HIPAA compliant cloud services for email, backup, file sharing and more.
    • Continuous HIPAA consulting and regulation management.

Don't put your patient information—and your practice—in jeopardy. Call us to discuss your HIPPA compliance management.

Local Backup Setup - Backup Management - Backup Vendor


If you're worried about your disaster recovery plan, can you afford to sidestep local backup? An integral part of any disaster recovery plan, local or onsite backup offers excellent protection from data loss at extremely fast backup and restore speeds. VanTech's engineers can create the customized local backup plan for your business. We'll ensure you securely backup your data and store it onsite to protect it from corruption and loss.

Here's how you'll bolster your disaster recovery and protect against data loss with our customized backup plan:

Local Backup Setup - Backup Management - Backup Vendor

    • Backup and restore data quickly.
    • Use inexpensive external hard drives/thumb drives as backup medium.
    • Backup to shared folders on network storage devices.
    • Eliminate continuous maintenance costs; there is a one-time only expenditure for the plan.
    • Experience full control over all data and medium configurations.
    • Avoid the hassle of third parties.
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