IT Security Solutions
IT Security Solutions

Quality Protection For All IT Purposes

Data is a business’s most valuable asset. Rely on an IT provider that treats it as such.

Along with this decade’s increase in technological advancements comes the worry of digital malpractice. For virtually any industry, a breach of data within their network could result in severe damage of business longevity. Both clients and employees alike rely on your practice to take careful precaution when dealing with precious personal information.

Fortunately, for all your virtual qualms, VanTech has a solution.

Data Protection

Cybertheft, viruses, and malware are more common than more people would like to believe. If your business data falls into the wrong hands, it’s often difficult to recover.

At VanTech, we’ve been trained in the skillful art of data protection. In our eyes, preventative maintenance is a far better investment than attempts at data recovery. We go above and beyond to safeguard all of our client’s information to ensure that no malpractice will ever interfere with their work.

  • Network firewall as a first defense
  • Secure and redundant cloud backups
  • Local backups for added protection
  • Encrypted mobile and desktop devices
  • E-mail security and spam-blocker

Quality Care

On our end, you can ensure your privacy and information is equally as protected. At VanTech, we understand that putting your entire business practice in the hands of an outsourced IT provider can be a difficult decision. However, all the information that we encounter remains completely confidential and protected. Throughout our practice, we simply monitor hardware performance, security strength, and server functionality. You can rest assured that all sensitive information is safeguarded. As we help to elongate the longevity of your business, we would never jeopardize your digital assets. We even specialize in helping companies navigate HIPAA and SOX compliance. We are always on your side.

As a top IT service provider, we’ve seen it all. Our ultimate goal is to protect your business network from any potential problems – including breached IT security. With our strategic protective plans, you can rest assured that your business is always taken care of. Put your focus back on your business goals and leave the rest up to us.


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