Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

We've Got You Covered

To paraphrase Ben Franklin – When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Hardware failure and human error pose real threats to your business continuity and productivity. Don’t risk losing money, or for that matter, your business. Keep your systems and files safe, so in the event of a catastrophic event, you’re already covered.

Guarantee the continued functionality of your business with a VanTech Disaster Recovery plan. Our cloud services simplify the disaster recovery process by continuously storing data, while keeping files readily available and accessible.

Cloud services alone, however, do not complete a disaster recovery plan. Your systems should be receiving every proactive measure that can be implemented in order to ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

Consider safe practices such as structured machine backups, implementing regulatory standards and compliance, and allotting critical access to only designated people. In terms of regulatory and compliance, you should be aware of the government standards that are applicable to your industry. By generating enough proactive measures to put you in a stable position, we will be able to react quickly and minimize data loss in the event of a disaster. Still, the easiest disaster to recover from is the one that never happens, which is why our managed IT services are a great safeguard to any potential server crisis.

Through the VanTech Disaster Recovery Plan, our overall goal is to quickly and efficiently remedy your problem, while minimizing any data loss. Our cloud services simplify this disaster recovery process since data is redundantly stored and always available.

Several Benefits of Implementing Our Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • Reduce duration of potential downtime through actionable contingency planning.
  • Local server failover and recovery.
  • Redundant local and cloud-base backup protects against data loss.
  • Fully managed, custom disaster recovery project planning.
  • RAID-5 and RAID 10 local storage configurations available.