DNS Protection
DNS Protection

Protect Your Website

Is your business concerned about malware? What if there was a way to stop nearly 90% of malware before it reaches your business network? With VanTech’s DNS Protection services there is a way. WebRoot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, managed and supported by VanTech, is one of the most highly effective ways to protected your DNS protocol connection against cyberattacks.

Not sure what your DNS protection protocol is, or why you should be concerned about it? You’re not alone. DNS stands for Dynamic Naming Service and is essentially a phonebook for the internet. So, when you type www.vantechnj.com, DNS translates that name into the IP address of that website.

Most people think protecting your network with a firewall and antivirus is enough. But, it’s not anymore. Image if your DNS connection was attacked and typing in a website url took to you a compromised site that was serving viruses. DNS protection guards against those risks and so much more. Here are some of its features:

  • Fully cloud-based
  • Easy to set up
  • Generate detailed reports on risks and usage
  • Create polices to control the internet usage of your users
  • Automatically block dangerous and questionable sites
  • Reduce cost associated with downtime, data loss and repairs
  • Minimize unproductive web usage

The internet is risky, and getting riskier. The days when only larger, well-known companies were at risk are long gone. As the internet becomes more omnipresent in our work-lives, sometimes a distracted employee can be your company’s weakest link. One thoughtless click can bring down a whole company.

Given the risk, overlapping, redundant layers of cyber-security are absolutely essential, and DNS Protection is that next layer.

Keeping malware and viruses off your systems. We got this.