Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection

Protect Every Point of Entry

Beyond the Tightest Security

Even under the tightest security, computer viruses and malware often make their way onto end-user desktop computers and devices. It’s an inherent risk of being on the Internet, in particular when using remote devices to logon to your corporate network. That’s why endpoint protection is vital to protecting your business from malicious threats at every point of entry to your network and why VanTech is a proud Webroot partner, offering Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection, managed by VanTech, is the leading endpoint security product on the market. Where other endpoint protection products are resource-intensive and bulky, SecureAnywhere will never interrupt your work. Its cloud-based technology allows for lightning-fast scans and unsurpassed threat detection without the need for periodic updating.

Here’s how VanTech’s management of SecureAnywhere can give you an edge in protecting your business:

  • Real-time, always-on virus and malware monitoring.
  • Protects against Ransomware.
  • Protects against identity theft.
  • Guards against harmful websites with its web protection features.
  • Performs extremely fast scans – faster than you can refill your coffee, says Webroot.
  • Remediates viruses quickly and easily.
  • Managed centrally from the cloud by VanTech.
  • Threat protection available for PC’s, Mac’s and servers.