IT Project Planning
IT Project Planning

IT Project Planning, Execution & Consulting

The Key to Project Implementation

VanTech offers project planning services to ensure our clients can properly implement any technology related project. To maximize your outcome, our customized project plans are implemented in conjunction with VanTech Service Center and are designed to be cost effective and with your stress- free management in mind. Customized project plans and project oversight are crucial when planning hardware installations, software deployments,cloud computing initiatives, network upgrades, data management projects and all other IT related initiatives, and we keep you in-the-know throughout the duration of the project cycle. Our custom project plans will enable you to realize significant cost savings and achieve benchmarks that bring you closer to your IT goals by maximizing productivity, reducing the potential for problematic unforeseen issues and greatly reducing your stress.

All VanTech project plans are subject to our proprietary project cycle, which includes:

  • Inception – VanTech will help identify the project scope in relation to your current IT issues and your short- and long-term business goals. We’ll assign your business a project manager to act as a single point of contact throughout the life of the project.
  • Planning – Your VanTech project manager will form a project team and begin creating a step-by-step roadmap that illustrates every step and milestone in the project plan. This detailed roadmap is designed to eliminate all possible surprises as the plan is implemented and allows you to budget accordingly and plan for any associated downtime or outages.
  • Execution – Upon your acceptance of the project roadmap, VanTech will begin executing the plan and continually update you on our progress via the VanTech Service Center. Your project manager will work diligently to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Quality Assurance – Upon completion of your project roadmap, VanTech will continue to test and monitor your technical environment until all issues have been addressed and all questions answered.
  • Monitoring – Through all stages of the project execution, your project manager will monitor VanTech’s adherence to the plan, as well as the technical integrity of the related systems involved in the project. Cost, risk, quality and other important factors are constantly monitored to ensure that our targets are met.
  • Closing – Upon completion of the project, VanTech will conduct a review to ensure that all benchmarks were met and that you are completely satisfied.