Network Design & Security
Network Design & Security

Protect Your Business with Network Design & Security

Running a business means you need to be connected at all times. Without a reliable network, your organization is at a severe disadvantage. Since connectivity is impossible to ignore, network security is the most critical investment a business can make. Whether you’re working from the office or the comfort of your own home, make sure data accessibility is a top priority.

A network with unpredictable performance leads to interruptions in business continuity. This is the worst possible scenario for a business that needs immediate access to its data. Therefore, networks need to be properly designed from the start to ensure critical reliability. VanTech will not only design, but also properly install, configure, and maintain the network, so you can look forward to having a secure, streamlined experience with maximum uptime and connectivity.

With VanTech, your investment in network security will benefit your business not only today but well into its future. Custom designed networks with thorough planning from the start will produce a reliable network that you can depend on to stay in business.

In addition, VanTech plans for the eventuality that your business will grow in size by designing scalable networks. The network that we build for your business today will also have to grow when the company grows. When your company doubles in size, rest assured VanTech will work with you so that your custom designed network will scale along with your company.

Networking Services include:

  • Customized network design appropriate for your needs and scalable to your business
  • Installing, configuring, and/or maintaining the following:
    • Firewalls
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Access Points
    • Modems
    • Domain Controllers
    • VPN Connections
    • Remote Access
  • Network Security including:
    • Access Control
    • Threat Protection
    • URL/Web Filtering
    • Firewall Management
    • DNS Protection
    • Encryption
  • Troubleshooting