Asset Management & Procurement
Asset Management & Procurement

Asset Management & Procurement for Your Hardware Needs

Does your business lack the time or expertise required to purchase and manage your physical hardware? As companies grow it gets harder and harder to track, maintain and replace your computer hardware. Luckily, VanTech can do it for you.

As part of our Asset Management and Procurement services, VanTech eliminates the hardships of buying computers for your small business and managing their lifespan through retirement and disposal.

So often, computer hardware is put in place where it stays until it breaks. This severely affects productivity and business continuity. Sure, everyone has seen a computer desktop work for ten years without so much as a hiccup, but more often we see computers begin to fail in close proximity to their warranty expiration. How is a business owner supposed to know to swap them out if no one is tracking what was purchased, when it was purchased and how long the warranty lasts?

VanTech can shed light on often unwieldy asset management procedures and custom tailor them to fit the needs of your business. And, what the time comes to purchase new hardware, VanTech will leverage its many manufacturer partnerships to get your business the best deal possible.

What server should I buy? When did I buy this tablet? How big is the hard drive in my sales executive’s laptop? VanTech can put this information and more at your fingertips.

VanTech Procurement and Asset Management offerings include:

  • Hardware asset lifecycle management
  • Hardware asset inventorying, including all peripherals and components
  • Generating quotes for new hardware purchase estimates
  • Rightsized customizations for all hardware purchases
  • Managing divergent hardware vendors in mixed environments
  • Road-mapping recurring hardware purchase and replacement needs
  • Deep discounts on desktops, laptops and servers

Whether your business is just starting out, experiencing record growth or maintaining decades of oak-solid sales, you’re going to want someone looking out for your hardware needs. We got this.