Service Level Agreements
Service Level Agreements

We Guarantee It

Our Service Level Agreement controls all guarantees regarding response and resolution times, uptime, hours, availability, approved communication channels, call-out fees, and much more. More importantly, we understand that each business has their own personal set of preferences and concerns. That is why our Service Level Agreements can be fully customized to suit a client’s needs. We ensure full protection for your business by setting expectations at the onset of our agreement. This way you know what to expect from us, and we can provide you with the proper service you require. A standard Service Level Agreement includes the following:

  • Support – Available during VanTech work hours which are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays.
  • Emergency support – Available on a first-come first-serve basis for nights, weekends and holidays. Emergency support is available on an hourly basis.
  • Response Times – VanTech guarantees the following response times:
    • No Impact/Reporting Tickets – 7 Days to close tickets
    • Minor/Standard Tickets – 24-hour response time
    • Major/Important Tickets – 4-hour response time
    • Site Down/Urgent/Critical/Server Issue – 2-hour response time
    • Crisis/Outage – Custom SLAs only
  • Uptime – VanTech guarantees 99.999% uptime for Hosted Exchange Email, Office 365 application, SecuriSync and Transcribe Cloud Backup. This means there will be no more than 30 seconds of unplanned downtime per month.
  • Crisis/Outage – Response times of as little as 5 minutes available.  All custom SLAs with Crisis Response are supplied with emergency contact information not available with standard agreements.

If there are specific needs for your managed IT services which are not outlined by the standard Support Level Agreement example outlined above, then VanTech will work with you to define those needs and their proper solutions. Again, the support level agreement outlined above is the standard IT service agreement and is fully customizable to your IT service needs.