Remote Control Support
Remote Control Support

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Online Support Anytime Anywhere

The modern business environment is becoming increasingly mobile and decentralized. As the number of traditional office spaces continue to decline, the need for on demand, remote technical support becomes paramount. VanTech offers on-demand, online support to and from anyplace there’s an Internet connection. When both vendor and client become location independent, the ability to request and receive help becomes unlimited.

Our Remote Control Services offer you these advantages:

  • Freedom to provide and receive support from any location with an internet connection.
  • Ability to provide support on-demand.
  • Live video sharing allows you to show VanTech what’s wrong.
  • Two-way screen sharing.
  • Secure and easy file transfer from machine to machine.
  • Ability to get support for VanTech’s team even when no one is physically at your computer.
  • Remote diagnostic tools make it easy to quickly solve computer issues.
  • SSL and AES encrypted secure remote connections.
  • Optimal performance over the Internet.
  • Eliminates down time and loss of productivity associated with traditional break/fix IT support.
  • Get support on-demand when you need it.
  • Optimal performance over the Internet.
  • Flat fee support options available.
  • Windows, Mac and Mobile support available.