The Future is Virtualization

Today’s world is moving digital. In order to keep up in the ever-changing technological world, it is vital that you take advantage of all virtualization has to offer. By utilizing virtual space for all your data storage, applications, and processing power, you can decrease the need for physical servers while cutting your IT overhead.

VanTech has the technology and expertise to get your business’s virtualization process started and help you carry out those practices into the future.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The first advantage is through a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Employees are able to log into a desktop in the cloud which allows them to always work in an environment that is backed up, properly configured, and up-to-date. VDI offers a cost-effective solution to managing the need for multiple machines in an environment. The client facing hardware is very inexpensive and has the added benefit of requiring little to almost no maintenance.

In addition, any changes that need to be made in a work environment can be made at a single point, as opposed to on numerous machines. For example, instead of going through all desktop computers in accounting to update QuickBooks, a virtual desktop infrastructure can update QuickBooks on a single accounting virtual machine which is then accessed by all the users in accounting. This also means that the need for internal desktop support becomes the responsibility of VanTech – which we happily accept.

Virtual Server Infrastructure

Similar to the virtual desktop infrastructure, another advantage is virtual server infrastructure. Maintaining multiple servers is often very expensive considering the hardware, setup, and administration resources involved. With virtual servers, the majority of the associated costs are removed, as costly hardware and software purchases become a thing of the past.

At VanTech we provide server-in-the-cloud services which can behave exactly as a server onsite but with no limitations. Virtual Service Infrastructure is a superb solution for hosting custom databases, websites, test environments, Exchange Servers, and much more.


Hyper-convergence is an IT framework which combines storage, computing, and networking into a single system. In highly virtualized environments running many onsite virtual servers, Hyper-convergence simplifies administration, combining everything into a single graphical user interface. Data center complexity is reduced while scalability increases. This is extremely useful for businesses who already have a large amount of onsite virtual machines running on their servers. Hyper-convergence can be further advanced by including software-defined-storage capabilities. This provides a single data storage pool to all your virtual machines, while providing many redundancies that protect your data and productivity.