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Knowledge Base

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We’re not only committed to solving our client’s IT difficulties; we want to instill our expert knowledge within you. Success comes to us when our clients develop an understanding of their infrastructure – in turn, eliminating the chance of system failure. When you partner with VanTech, you will gain more than a reliable IT provider. With our help, you’ll feel empowered to take on any technical struggle your office may face.

What We Do

Within our site, we’ve outlined several common troubles our clients tend to have in their office setting. Whether you need help troubleshooting an excel issue, or you’re looking to dive deeper into the configuration of your network, we have a few helpful resources to guide you.

Keep in mind, this suite of sources is far from complete. On an ongoing weekly basis, we will add new, relevant information to stay active within the IT industry. We believe every business should have a complete understanding of what goes on in their workflow’s backend. Transparency is vital in the digital world.

To take our client dedication a step further, we stand by our commitment to educating offices on proper integration. When we revamp your office setting with upgraded cloud-based monitoring services, employees are bound to have questions about its functionality. After every onboarding process, we will work alongside you to ensure you are completely comfortable with how our software works. Our goal is to enhance your business productivity. We do all we can to make that happen.


For more information on common IT problems within the workplace check out the following articles. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, do not hesitate to reach out to our client support. Your peace of mind is our priority.