Changing Wifi Sense Settings in Windows 10
Changing Wifi Sense Settings in Windows 10

How to Disable WiFi Sense in Windows 10Wifi Sense Windows 10 Banner

WiFi Sense is a Windows 10 feature that allows you to share your local WiFi passwords to your contacts.  When one of your contacts is within range of your WiFi signal they will connect automatically to your network.  You can share your WiFi password(s) with Skype contacts, Facebook friends and your Outlook address book.  People often ask whether or not they should disable WiFi Sense in Windows 10.

Upon its release, some people were concerned about a number of security-related issues.  Users wondered whether their passwords were safe in Microsoft’s cloud.  They also pondered whether this was just another backdoor for hackers to exploit.  While we don’t think there is any reason to be overly concerned about using WiFi Sense, for us, storing passwords in a third-party cloud is a nonstarter.  Additionally, keeping track of who has your password is difficult to manage and permission is hard to revoke.

Wifi Sense Settings OptionsTo disable WiFi Sense in Windows 10 do the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Network and Internet
  3. Go to WiFi
  4. Click on Manage WiFi Settings
  5. Turn off all WiFi Sense services

Disabling WiFi Sense in Windows 10 is just one recommendation we have for keeping your data and yourself secure.  Check out our article on how to change Privacy settings in Windows 10 to take further action.

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