How to Install Managed Webroot SecureAnywhere
How to Install Managed Webroot SecureAnywhere

Webroot Secure Anywhere: New Client Setup and Installation

This article explains how to install Managed WebRoot SecureAnywhere endpoint protection.

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Click the ‘Back to Sites’ button in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 3: Click ‘Sites’ tab

Step 4: Click ‘Add a site’ button

Step 5: Adding A Site

  • Enter Site\Company Name
  • Enter Keycode Type
    1. Full is the code for an account that billing from onsite
    2. 30-daytrial is the code for a free trial version

    Note: New accounts should be set up as free trials and then converted to paying trials after the first month. This allows for the marketing and profit opportunities depending on how the franchisee decides on managing this option.

  • Enter Site Seats –This is the total number of seats available for the site.
  • Enter if the site is an internal or external account.
    1. External Accounts
      1. Enter Company Size
      2. Enter Industry
      3. Enter Billing Cycle
      4. Enter Billing Date
      5. Enter Comments
    2. Internal Accounts
      1. Enter Comments
    3. Click Next
  • Enter Site permissions

    Site Permissions will be determined according the number of employees as specified in Appendix A in the company handbook.

  • Click Next
  • Enter Settings
    1. Check “include Global Policies”
    2. Default Policy = Recommended Defaults
    3. Check “include Global Overrides”
    4. Enter distribution List Email Address
  • Click Finish

Step 6:Creating a Site Policy

    • Click the ‘Global Settings’ Tab
    • Click the ‘Add’ button
    • Create a Policy Name and Description
    • Click ‘Create’ button
    • Configure basic configuration settings
      1. Toggle off ‘Show a splash screen on bootup
      2. Change ‘Poll Interval’ to 15 Minutes
    • Configure Scan Schedule
      1. Change Scan time to the evening or over night
      2. Change Scan on bootup… to Off
    • Configure Scan Settings
      1. Toggle ‘Never reboot during malware removal’ on
    • Configure System Optimizer
      1. Toggle ‘Monday’ on
      2. Change Run at Specific hour to 22
    • Click Save Draft Changes
    • Click Promote Draft Changes to Live

Step 7: Configuring a site

  • From the ‘Sites’ Tab, click the work ‘Protected’ Next to the Site
  • Click the ‘Settings’ Tab
  • Drop down the ‘Default Policy’ menu and select the policy you just created. Alternately, you can select the default recommended settings.
  • Click Save

Step 8: Creating the Installer

  • Click the ‘Monitor’ icon next for that site
  • From the Status tab, click ‘Windows Download’
  • Save the installer to the download folder
  • Run the installer
  • Copy your keycode
  • Paste it into the installer
  • Click ‘Agree and Install’
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