How To Remove McAfee ePolicy
How To Remove McAfee ePolicy

Removing McAfee ePolicy

The purpose of this article is to explain how to remove McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Agent and software from Windows computers.

Note: All instructions presume your technical credentials are sufficient for performing the actions required. If you cannot complete your task because of permissions issue, please contact system administration immediately.

1. From the control panel > uninstall programs:

  • Uninstall McAfee Data Exchange Layer

2. From the command line:

  • Run C:\Program Files\McAfee\Agent\x86\Frminst /forceuninstall

3. From the control panel > uninstall programs:

  • First, uninstall Security Web Control
  • Next, uninstall McAfee Threat Protection
  • Finally, uninstall Endpoint Security Platform

Note: It is not uncommon for the Endpoint Security Platform to uninstall itself during the threat protection uninstall.  We have encountered a number of different behaviors during testing.

4. Reboot Computer

Congratulations! You have now uninstalled McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Agent and software.

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