Stuck Checking for Updates on Windows 7
Stuck Checking for Updates on Windows 7

When Will These Updates Finally Install?

Purpose:  The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to document the correct and approved method for fixing Windows Update on Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1.
Symptom: Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1 gets stuck and/or takes an exceedingly long time checking for Windows Updates. Windows Update can take days to complete or not complete at all.

There have been wide variations in effectiveness in the measures described below from system to system. In tests, we have observed several different possible solutions to this issue. Presented below is the most successful method, followed by common pit falls and alternate strategy.

  1. Stop the Windows Update Service
    1. Open Services by typing ‘Services’ into the search bar or run bar.Windows Update Stuck - Windows 7 Update Stuck - Windows Update Stuck SP1
    2. Right click ‘Windows Update’
    3. Right click ‘Windows Update’
  2. Install the following update
  3. Restart Computer
  4. Run Windows Update (This could still take a whille.)

Result: This method was effective about 75% of the time in our testing.

Common Issues:

  1. This Update is Not Applicable to your Computer. – While running KB3172605 this message is returned.

This will usually allow for KB3172605 to run without error, thus fixing the Windows Update issue. The following has been observed in testing:

  1. This Update is Not Applicable to your Computer. – This message continues to present itself when attempting to install the update.
    • Work Around – Install Windows 7 Offline Rollup Pack
      1. Navigate to the following page:
      2. Download the package for your OS Type
        • Link one for 32 Bit Windows 7
        • Link two for Windows Server 2008
        • Link three for 64 Bit Windows 7
      3. When the Download is completed, install the package and reboot your computer.

CAUTION: In testing we observed Windows 7 installations that became stuck during the “Configuring Windows Updates..” portion of startup after a reboot. Updates would subsequently roll back leaving the machine unpatched. With that in mind, it is recommended that you use the rollup patch only if the other measures fail.

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