OFFICE MANAGERS: Do You Really Want To Handle It?

Office managers wear many hats. Depending on the company, you're dealing with accounting, bills, ordering and expenses, bookkeeping, HR and operations. Do you really want to handle IT as well?

So often, there's this idea being popularized: We'll save some money if we handle IT ourselves. Then, as the office manager, you're charged with handling IT. But quickly you're in over your head, dealing with issues you can't fix and fielding questions you can't answer. Very quickly productivity and morale go down the tubes.

A free consultation from VanTech can get you off the schneid and on the right track. Give us a chance to detail how we can lower your information systems overhead, and we'll show you how we can increase your productivity and the reliability of your systems.

With VanTech service and support, you'll no longer be the de facto IT person. You'll go back to being the office manager again. How good will that feel?

Here are some reminders about how sweet our Office Manager Service is:

  • VanTech Service Center – Small technical problems and questions can really hamper your work effort. VanTech has staff standing by to answer your questions and fix your technical issues. Many problems can be solved on-demand via remote control. and we'll dispatch a technician to your location when issues can't be solved on-demand. You can also email a support request to our help desk where you can track the progress of all your tickets and projects.
  • Procurement – It is not uncommon for office managers to be tasked with buying new computers for the office and not have a clue as to how to go about doing that. In those situations, computers are often bought on price alone, which can severely impact the effectiveness of the new hardware. When it comes to buying new equipment, VanTech can advise you so you'll make a purchase that's appropriate for your business needs. In fact, we can purchase and deliver the new equipment preconfigured and ready to install.
  • Training – Are you the only one who seems to know how to work anything and everything around your office? Are you constantly answering questions and showing people how to use their computers? VanTech can help you with your training needs. From prepared materials to customized onsite training sessions, VanTech can help to lighten your load by getting your staff up to speed. Collaboration – For those times when you need your staff working together (read: always), VanTech offers many different collaboration services to simplify your business. Shared calendars and contact lists mean that everyone has access to the same Outlook, while file syncing and version control software enable your employees to simultaneously collaborate on single documents. It's the perfect way to manage offsite and remote employees and their varied needs?
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