With VanTech's combined offering of regular maintenance and real-time corrective services you can be assured your computer systems will benefit from the ultimate in preventive maintenance. Our team is constantly monitoring your systems for the slightest indication of an issue, so we can address and correct the problem before disaster strikes. The result is a more reliable and predictable environment, and an increase in uptime and productivity, so you'll have fewer headaches.

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance services include:

  • Real-time 24/7 365 monitoring of all your systems
  • Coordinated response to any potential issue, ensuring that small problems do not become large problems
  • Period scheduled system health checks
  • Patch management systems to make sure that your computers and servers are always up to date
  • Optimization services to correct registry errors and maximize disk space
  • Regular diagnostic checks to ensure hardware integrity
  • Error log checks to correct configuration errors, software conflicts and OS bugs

Regular manual maintenance and real-time corrective services in conjunction with each other offers your business the ultimate in preventive measures for your computer systems. The results are machines that last longer and run faster and more reliably without the associated worry and frustration that can so often plague business owners. With VanTech's help your business will run at a level previously unheard of - without crashes, failures and data loss.

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