File Sharing and Syncing Solutions for Collaboration


SecuriSync combines file sharing, file syncing and real-time file backup into a secure and easy to use package. As businesses become more decentralized, the need for advanced collaboration services has been increasing steadily. SecuriSync addresses all your business needs and more, allowing for file access and collaboration from anyplace there's an Internet connection.

Enjoy these benefits from VanTech Managed SecyriSync:

Securisync: File sharing, File collaboration solutions, cloud file syncing
    • More reliable and secure than DropBox and One Drive.
    • Secure and user-friend file management interface is easy to use and very powerful.
    • 99.999% uptime means that there is virtually no down time.
    • Collaborate with colleagues, vendors and co-works with ease.
    • Reduce data loss associated with lost devices, hardware failure, accidents and cyber attacks.
    • Integrate with Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook and Office 365.
    • Set permissions to ensure that only those intended to view a file can access it.
    • VanTech support and maintenance ensure your files are always available.
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